Creative Director

Fader Branded Content

Selection of Fader content produced for brands.

Clients: Beats, Soundcloud, Youtube, MLS, Pernod Ricard, Sonos
2017 – 2019


Love Letters is an intimate short film series featuring our favorite artists paying tribute to the communities they draw their sound from.

In a vibrant vignette, New Orleans rap paragon Lil Wayne champions his hometown's rich musical legacy. Produced by The FADER and Beats By Dre, the Hot Boys prodigy turned Greatest Rapper Alive expresses his undying love for the city that birthed him.

SoundCloud's Next Wave documentary series journeys across six global cities in six months to explore communities of emerging scenes that are embracing the service to connect, collaborate and create a new musical landscape.

See what 48 hours in LA looks like through the eyes of Pouya, Fat Nick, and Lil Tracy - part of the degenerate generation creating the next wave of rap on SoundCloud.
In New York City, a self-made collective of next level electronic artists is changing the face of club culture. Meet the minds behind Discwoman.
Want more? Get schooled in Brazilian funk with The Fader's playlist of next-level funkeiros: #NextWave 🌊 "My dream is that the beat from the Favela may reach the world." In Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, MC Bin Laden and his comrades are reshaping funk for a new generation of Brazilians - and the world.
Stormzy: Gang Signs & Prayer A Rollo Jackson Film // Music by Stormzy // Supported by YouTube // Produced by Somesuch x The FADER // #MERKY Cast Young Thomas Abdul Basit Grown Thomas David Alade Tony Anthony Taylor Crew Writer & Director Rollo Jackson Producer Tom Gardner Director Of Photography
Directed by Tabitha Denholm and Produced by YouTube, Made in Miami is the story of Camila's journey from arriving in Miami from Cuba as a kid to finding her voice and releasing her debut album. The film explores how generations of strong women have shaped the Cabello family and inspired Camila to become the artist she is today.
Produced by YouTube, J Balvin: Redefining Mainstream is a look inside the life of José Álvaro Osorio Balvin. This film is a portrait of his life from a more personal perspective than we have seen before. From his early days freestyling in the streets and barbershops of Medellín, Colombia, to sold out arena shows across the globe.
Produced by YouTube Music, A Revolution of Love is a visual manifesto about Janelle Monáe's quest for love, which has been a consistent thread throughout her development as an artist and human being. The film follows Janelle's journey from being a little firecracker of a girl singing in church, to her adolescent life and studies in Atlanta, to her latest album Dirty Computer.